Ableton 11 Joywheel Functionality in Keylab Essential

I recently purchased it and have been playing around with it in Ableton11.
Using the jog wheel, I got the behavior shown in the image below.

But what I want to do is adjust the timeline of the track with the jog wheel. Is it not possible to change this?

I was never able to do this in arrange mode, although the mk2 could do it and even set markers when pressing the encoder.

This is the major paint point of the Keylab Essential mk3 in all DAWs for me: None of the DAWs allows you to move the timeline cursor with the encoder.

I can do this on the Keylab mk2 … and I can also do this on my Minilab 3 which even has much less control elements than the Keylab Essential. But since the Keylab Essential is missing a “Shift” function you cannot change the behavior of the encoder :frowning: