Ability to buy the green and orange knob from the "noire" edition

Hi, this message seems helpless but I wonder if there’s any possibility to find and buy the green and orange knob that appears on the polybrute “noire” edition to replace the ones on our “regular” polybrute… just a matter of beauty and thrill… I would LOVE IT… is it totally impossible or is there a chance it could be possible… sometimes aesthetic changes all… Just tell me.

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You can order spare parts for the blue and orange knobs by creating a ticket from your account to contact our support team

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@lemeeteux Were you able to order those knobs. I just saw your post, looking for the same thing. I’d also like a couple of the white faders as the new PB12 has.

Yeah, it was even very easy. I just created a “ticket” from my account to “contact our support team” and just asked how to get the knobs. They told me it was possible to order them, asked for my address and sent them to me by postmail. And last but not least they didn’t even ask any money for it… they sent them to me for free. Those guys are gentlemen for sure and know how to please their customers. It was a great experience and I’m very happy with those beautiful knobs. I saw the Polybrute 12 too and it looks terrific but I’m not sure if it’ll be that easy to change the faders. Knobs are easy to change 'cause you just have to pull them up and replace them. Faders… I don’t know. Good luck.

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The fader caps on the Polybrute pop right off as well, so it should be easy if they offer them as parts.

Thanks @lemeeteux I have a ticket open with them now. Cheers!