A wavetable bank for the MicroFreak

I created a wavetable bank for the MicroFreak.

You can download it here: https://atadune.com/

All of the wavetables were created from samples. Use the MicroFreak’s modulators and Matrix to find that sweet spot.


Thank you Ata!
Nice ambiant music on your site!

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Thank you for the kind words. The samples used to create this wavetable bank were also ambient/cinematic, though obviously being wavetables they turn out a little different when you use them in MicroFreak. At the same time you could turn them into ambient sounds if you want. I tried to provide some variety within the wavetables themselves, to make the bank flexible as a whole.

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Your wavetables are relatively loud, which is good.I was disappointed with my last batch of wavetables (taken from »Pigments wav engine) for being sometimes barely audible.

To get an ambient preset with a wavetable, one can simply pick a pad or string preset and switch the engine to wavetable.

For audio editing I used Edison, which is included with most versions of FL Studio (except the entry level one), and it works great for wavetables and samples. You can easily max out the volume, fade in and out to avoid clicks, plus it can show total samples (instead of seconds) if you want to be precise with wavetables.

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Edison, I’ll remember. Not an easy name to forget. :grinning: