8Pre Availability

The 8Pre seems like a great expansion for the 16Rig, and is mentioned in the manual.

However, it isn’t available seemingly anywhere.

Discontinued? New model coming?

There are of course other options, but it’d be nice to have matching units. I suppose $899 is pretty steep considering the 16Rig itself isn’t all that much more. Hmm.

I don’t have any insight into availability, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are preparing for a new version.

However, I’d say that the 8pre and 16rig are quite different devices! The 16rig only has two preamps, while all of the inputs on the 8pre have preamps (hence the name) so I would say the choice depends a lot on what you need to record.

If you don’t mind, how many tracks (channels) are you trying to record at one time? I ask because I have a 2019 MacBook Pro 16" and it seems 4 is about my limit b4 something fouls up. Im sure it’s me that’s causing it, but I was curious; if you’re recording more than 4 channels at once? Kinda wanna know if I’m expecting too much from my MacBook, since it is pretty small. Im beginning to think if one really wants to get the most from the 8pre, I need a much bigger computer. I am using that and a Persons Digimax D8 for 16 possible live xls preamp “ins” - though I haven’t really had the chance to try to record more than 8 xls inputs/mics at the same time.

Any help would be great. I’m really new, barely know what I’m doing, but It’d be awesome if I could at least see the big picture, so Im not expecting too much from my gear. FTR: the Digimax D8 is an excellent expansion to anything running linked ADAT light pipe @ 16bit. 24bit can be done, but it requires more than what I have, laptop wise.



I also noticed this

it is indeed a nice unit to add to a 16Rig if you need to add 8 Mic Pre amps
However for the targeted audience of the 16Rig A unit with only 8 ADAT Line In and Outputs might be more appealing and also a lot less expensive than the 8Pre

Also note that most of the competition have similar options for a lower price and that might unfortunately also make the 8Pre less interesting to some
So I would expect Arturia to eventually release a more affordable replacement for it