6th Voice

I just entered the polybrite family. Recently acquired a Polybrute Noir Edition for myself. However I noticed that 6th voice and sometimes 5th voice is a bit detuned. I did a VCO and VCF autotuning in settings but it still remains the same. Does anyone know how to fix that issue?

It actually sounds cool at times but not always… Anyway there’s a lot I need to learn about the Poly.

I’d appreciate if someone could help me out with this.


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Have you checked the analog accuracy setting ?
Settings > Synth Voice > Voicing > Analog Accuracy (should be set on : 1. Pitch : Off if you don’t want analog drifting).

Also you might try calibrating your Polybrute with the “all” option (solved some similar problem for me).

By the way, is your firmware up-to-date (3.0.1) ?


UPDATE : Logged a ticket with Arturia and did some calibrations to the oscillators and after a couple of days, it worked fine. Now it’s fixed. I’m happy like never before <3