3rd party Polybrute patch recommendations?

I would love to hear any recommendations for 3rd party patches that you’ve found for the Polybrute.

I’ve purchased a few different sets (3digitsamples, SynthTaxi but would love more.

Hey @moultonalex welcome to our Sound Explorers community!

As you may expect we don’t suggest to download anything from 3rd party as it is pretty risky and you could finish up by getting some viruses, if you do so it’s at your own risk so better be careful :face_with_monocle:

Nevertheless at Arturia we have free sound banks for every instrument and you can trust them :100: by simply going here:

HIH :zap:

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Can all of these load onto the Polybrute?

I’ve purchased many of the preset packs via the shop, and while they’re wonderful, none of them include patches for the Polybrute…thus my original question.

Welcome to the community both of you.

Nats.arturia show above how to find the current 20 free Polybrute Connect preset banks using the preset search on the sound page. 12 with 24 presets and 8 with 32 presets.

Only Polybrute preset banks can be used for Polybrute.

I don’t have a Polybrute, so i don’t know how presets actually are handled. But the presets are for Polybrute.

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Geosynths has a lot of extremely playable patches.

Here very nice Polybrute patches

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its crazy how there are only two other 3th party preset banks available. It really makes me think how unsuccessful the polybrute is :frowning: there is nearly no other synth with so few third party presets.

Hi @moultonalex @Earthfolk92

I’ve found a few preset packs in the Sounds section of the official Arturia website.

I really don’t like downloading 3rd party stuff but these presets are definitely doing the trick for me.

Just make sure to select PolyBrute Connect from the Instruments as shown in the picture below:

How can I copy whole banks/packs of presets to the Polybrute? So far im only able to copy each single preset to the synth.

Hi Quint,
isn’t so difficult…
Example on a MS-PC in Connect:

  • select a bank on the left
  • select the first preset in the middle column
  • press Shift, and
  • select the last
  • drag it over to the first slot on the right and drop it