2 Prophet V Questions

Hello, I’m considering purchasing but want to ask two questions:

  1. What is the polyphony?

  2. Would this VST accept microtonal scales? Thru .tun files generated with scala or another format?



Polyphony is multivoice. In this case i assume you mean the Poly setting where you set the number of voices that can maximum can play at a time.

Prophet 5 V don’t load tuning files, but it should with oddsound MTS-ESP that you can read about here: ODDSOUND
There is a free version MTS-ESP MINI.
I think settings will also show up in right panel, when MTS-ESP is loaded in the DAW. I don’t use it. You can test yourself. Arturias software instruments can run in demo mode, so you can download the installer and test.

Hope this answer your questions.

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Thank you for your reply @LBH ! I tried the Demo and was surprised to see the whole Prophet VS emulator in there. I’ve now learned that the demo was reflecting an older version of Prophet 5 which included the VS as well. The two synths are now sold separately. I’m wondering if the latest version of the Prophet 5 is worth it, or if I should purchase an older version which included the VS as well. Any opinions?

You’re welcome @zfw .

Personally i prefere they are seperate applications. I also prefere them over prophet V3. I would buy the new applications.
Keep in mind Prophet V3 now is a legacy product. It’s not maintained by Arturia anymore. You can’t use new presets in the old application and vice versa.


Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy both, so I need to decide to which direction to go.

In terms of replicating the analogue Prophet sound- do you think the newer version of the Prophet is substantively better? If not, I might opt to go with the older version, that way I can explore the VS as well.

Still undecided.

I’ve told you, what i would do and why. But i have both Prophet V3 and the new Prophet 5 and Prophet VS. I own older and the new V-Collection.
I think it’s best, if you make your own opinion. “Better” can be very subjective. Better to what or to do what? Arturias applications can run in demo mode.
Not sure where you will buy the old Prophet V3 though.
Perhaps you also can demo the Prophet V3 version, if you download it from here: https://www.arturia.com/support/downloads&manuals


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Hey @zfw once you install the demo I recomend you to check our YouTube tutorials to learn more about the Prophet features.

Let’s keep exploring :zap: