Bug fix question

In the release notes, it states “No more lag when USB is not connected” on one of the fixes. I’m confused about this. I’ve never noticed any issues with lagging on it’s own, and I don’t recall if there was any lag while the connected to the Minifreak V. My computer died. I’m on I have no idea where this lag is or how I haven’t noticed it. Can anyone here shed some light on this issue?

I guess this the issues addresssed with the recent update didn’t occur on every computer and not in any case.
Prior to the most recent update, I expirienced quite often connection losses between MF and MF V. I don’t recall if the time to connect was slower then.
With the update they are gone.

Has anyone experienced lag while the USB cable was NOT connected to the Minifreak, as described by Arturia from the prior firmware?

This place is really odd. Arturia staff are quick to respond to feature requests here, but can’t answer a simple question? Where’s the lag in while NOT connected to USB???

Most responses here are not Arturia staff, just various levels of forum members. Actual Arturia staff comments are relatively rare.

I’m more interested in an answer to the question rather than who answers the question.