16Rig - Two pairs of monitors SIMULTANEOUSLY?

I’m interested in the 16Rig interface. It seems to have the right sets of inputs/output for me.

I have a small set of Genelecs on my desk (6010Bs), and off to the side I have Yamahas (HS8).

I have looked through the manual and see the suggestion for A/B monitor setup, and that’s great.

However, is it possible to route sound to both pairs of monitors at the same time? The manual seems to indicate it’s one or the other but wondering if there are additional options in the mixer.

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Hi, not sure why you would want to have 2 sets running at the same time but the option in the matrix to do that seems possible I haven’t tried myself but you can at least assign them to the main mix, which is always Out 1/2 but A/B is always better.

It’s more for “party mode”. I’ve got my DJ setup in the same room and when I play with that I like to run it through everything.

Obviously wouldn’t use this for mixing :slight_smile:


Now that I have a 16Rig, I can confirm that using the matrix DOES allow you to route to both sets of speakers at once.

I have to say though, I have recalibrated my thought process and prefer A/B mode :slight_smile: