16rig power adapter is too big for rack placement, tips/tricks?

Hi, silly issue, but the power wart for the 16rig is large, and it won’t plug into my Furman M-8Lx power supply at the top of the rack when it (ideally) sits just below. I’m wondering if anyone has any quick tips or power product links (Amazon, US preferred) for a tidy solution. I get concerned when messing with power so I thought I’d reach out.

Right now the 16rig sits elsewhere in the rack which is fine but I’d like it where I’d like it if possible.

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Assuming the mains connector end of the 16Rigs’ PSU is part of the ‘wart’, then you could look at something like this IEC to UK plug adaptor, but obviously you’d have to input your own country if not in The UK.


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Agree that the wallwart is a poor design decision. I have a Furman that has vertical US plugs, so the power supply fits horizontally and does fit in my rack case (barely.) But then there is the weight of the thing. With US plugs it is very loose and in fact will fall off the Furman if I tip the rack case. Also, because it is horizontal it covers the adjoining plug, cutting the number of available plugs down. It is ironic that they have the tight screwing plug that goes into the Rig16 to ensure that it will not disconnect, but at the other end it has this huge and heavy wallwart power supply that barely stays plugged in and easily falls out.

You can buy short little extension cords (1 foot or less) on Amazon:


They also sell 1 to 4 breakouts. Super helpful for wall warts!

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They have those nice swap able Connectors on the PSU
They should actually make one of those with a iec c8 Connection on it
That way People can use that and can just place te PSU on the bottom of there rack and plug in a cable that goes to there power source for there country