16 Rig Wobbles

I have set up my 16Rig with the desktop mounting ears and… it wobbles

I have confirmed it is on a flat surface, and the 3M stick-on feet are positioned correctly as well.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips or ideas?

No problem with mine. I did have a bit of a wobble when I first set it up on my desk, but that turned out to be that the desktop is slightly warped. After moving it onto a shelf, it’s as solid as a rock.

If you’re sure that’s not the problem, I’d check to make sure that the back feet are properly seated without a gap and the alignment pins fully in their holes. The front feet also have to be attached to the correct side: there’s a left one with the Arturia logo and a right one without. I’m not sure if it’s possible to actually attach them the wrong way around, but maybe it’s something else to check.

Failing all of that, I guess I’d try to figure out which foot is causing the wobbling. Is the rubber a bit thicker on one? Or is the case itself warped?

Thanks for the reply - I will keep playing with it