12 volt power input no longer powers unit on… USB needed instead

I have a problem with my KSP that also happened with my Keystep after i owned it for 6 weeks: the 12 volt positive pin power supply input quit working. Both units now only operate via the USB cable input. This happened to my Keystep 6 weeks after I bought it approximately 3 years ago. Last week I bought a KSP and guess what happened today? Yep; the power transformer input (not the transformer itself) no longer powers the unit on. Like my Keystep, my KSP no longer powers on using just the 12 volt power tranny alone. I have to plug in a live USB cable. I can’t tell if the 12 volt power input works at all. I believe it is being over ridden by the USB cable, but there’s no way of knowing for sure. It appears the power input on the units themselves have “burned out” after just a few weeks, and the only way the unit will continue to work is if I plug in an active USB (live) cable. Why? Can I fix it? How? Is the USB input on the Keystep Pro powerful enough to power the KSP? I get a message on my MacBook Pro saying the USB device draws too much power and that I must disconnect it (and not use it). What’s up with that?

On both units, the KS & KSP; the step down power transformer use to work to power the unit on. After 6 to 8 weeks, the power transformer input has stopped working, but the step down transformers are working fine.

Has anyone else had this happen? Why is this happening? Is there a fix? Does this mean the KS and/or KSP no longer work properly? Why did BOTH units fail? This must be a problem hundreds of other KS & KSP users have, right? Could I have gotten the only 2 Arturia products with this same exact problem? Is there a fix?

Help. This has to be a real problem, and as such; there has to be a real work around. Thoughts?…

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Sorry to hear this, your new unit is clearly still under warranty, so i’d return it to the retailer for an exchange or refund. Might be worth logging in to your account to contact our support team that will help you to fix this situation.

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My Keystep is over 2 years old. And it does work. I’m guessing it’s not a lifetime warranty, is it? My Keystep Pro was purchased as an open box. No warranty, I don’t believe. There’s got to be a work around, isn’t there? And since I bought two Keysteps, a regular Keystep & an Keystep Pro, and they BOTH have this problem, I can’t POSSIBLY be the only person this happened to. Am I?

There is nothing I would like to do than exchange my Keystep Pro. Is this possible?

I just had a similar problem with my KeyLab 49.

I think I may have wrecked the power input by plugging in a power supply with the opposite polarity. Later I found a supply with the correct polarity but it still would not power up. I thought I had bricked it.
But I just plugged in the USB cable and it powered up off the USB. Yay!
I was about to toss it so I am grateful for this post.

I would like to fix this somehow. I am guessing that I may have blown a fuse or a circuit breaker. If I open the case can I find some user serviceable parts? I am fairly handy with a soldering iron.

I’m having the same problem, but I did NOT use the wrong power transformer. I actually blew up a very rare piece of gear that way 10 years ago, and ever since, I TRIPLE CHECK my polarity and voltage on transformers now. I also LABEL ALL MY TRANSFORMERS to prevent this from ever happening again.

There simply must be an internal fix for this, on BOTH OF MY Keysteps (the Keystep & Keystep Pro). How else could this happen twice on two different units? I bought my Keystep Pro 2 days ago. But I traded a bunch of gear for it, and it was an open box. Meaning; no warranty. Even though I’m out $500. Ouch.

I would at LEAST like to trade this KSP for one that works, since I’m guessing there NO WAY a 5v USB will properly power a KSP needing 12v.

Right? Arturia, plz; a li’l help here?

I’m having the same problem, but I did NOT use the wrong power transformer.

Right. I assumed you did NOT make the same mistake as I did because you mentioned the polarity in your post. That gave me some hope actually that my unit may have just coincidentally died the same way yours did. I would hope that modern gear would have protection against polarity accidents.

I find it odd that my KeyLab says it “requires” a 9-12V 1.0 Amp supply yet it seems to run fine off of USB. Why would they over-spec the power supply? Maybe they request that to better power external MIDI gear through the 5-pin DIN.

@damnedcat777 - Did you see the suggestion from @matjones from Arturia?

Please let us know what their support people say.

Will do. I sent Arturia a text at the link that rep sent me. I’ll keep you informed. I would think for the money involved on a Keystep & a Keystep Pro, they’d at least offer me a replacement on the KSP. The Keystep? Not really needed since it works fine on the USB. The KSP however cause my MacBook Pro to put up an error screen that says “disconnect USB device, not enough power via USB to operate device”

Fingers crossed. I’ll holler back when I get a response.

Ok. Heard from support. They said I should do a hard reset (turn unit on while pressing both octave buttons). Ain’t working. Told tech guy as much (Leo). Waiting to hear back gain. He did mention that a hard reset has resolved this issue in the past. For who, and how many times; we do not know. Might try buying a new one then… well… .:wink:

Try a hard reset and tell me if it helps you.

OK, heard back from support staff at Arturia. They said send it in. Even sent me a prepaid shipping label. This is why I LOVE Arturia! Thanx guys an gals. So happy! :hugs:

That didn’t help. Arturia said “send it back” - so I did. Very happy with that solution! :kissing_cat:


Great stuff! Glad they were able to help you.
I’ll mark this as ‘solved’ now then.

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