Sitting on the fence and waiting for a new KeyLab MK3

Just shows how badly I used it lol

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Just saw this video about Arturia’s new Polybrute 12. The keybed seems to be Arturia’s own innovation and it makes hope for some innovation coming to the new KeyLab generation:

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If the new Keylab were to mount the same keybed or something similar then the price will definitely skyrocket. Just look at the difference in price from the old polybrute to the new one.

I am not sure if I subscribe to that. Pricing in music (and elsewhere) is rarely based on cost of production.


Must be a factor, sure, but I’m thinking twice the amount of VCOs plays a big part in the price.

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I hope something happens soon. I’ve been sat on the fence so long I’m starting to get splinters up my a**

:rofl::rofl::rofl: ROFL.

My impression: Arturia follows the playbook of maximum attention. The AstroLab and the Polybrute 12 might already exist for some time. And Arturia waited to give every device the full public attention.
KeyLab MKIII will be launched when there is nothing else in the pipeline anymore. It is the most important device in the lineup and will grab all the light. So this is a reasonable strategy. Even if it makes you a little butthurt. It seems to be a risk Arturia is ready to take.:man_shrugging:

Well that’s one way of playing the game.
It may or may not pay off.
People just give up waiting and buy from a competitor.
And Arturia’s long game is they hope those people are outnumbered by new customers + those who have waited.

You can certainly buy NI or Korg.

I see it a little differently. Arturia owes me nothing. Thank God I have all the time of the world. When I bought my actual keyboard, I made sure not to miss something – I did not know AnalogLab then. :man_shrugging: Now of course I would like to have the AnalogLab integration. But I won’t get that by buying NI or Korg. I have a lot of NI stuff. But every time I use Kontakt I realize how much off the target NI is for my needs. Regarding Korg: they do not tie themselves to one of the ecosystems. That also means, no tight AnalogLab integration. So it would be only Midi 2.0 and PA.

And that’s absolutely not enough to get me off the fence :sunglasses:

there are a lot of us starting to wait with trepidation but after the release of the polybrute the exaltation has arrived in the stars… I can’t wait

YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!! I absolutely love Arturia. I used to own a Keystep Pro, Keylab 61 mk2, Drumbrute… I sold them to upgrade. I now own a Keylab 88 mk2 & KL minilab mk3. Audiofuse 8pre.

Bigger Screen! Bigger Screen & the ability to have Arturia plugins on a big screen like NI software on S88 mk2 & mk3… The keys are noisy when you play them…not a big complaint but it would be nice if they were quieter.

I am waiting patiently too. Keylab mk3 88…for live performance… I need 88 keys!! This thing sounds nice on stage. I am a teacher & I let my middle school students play this board for the talent show performances & they love it too…

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