Sitting on the fence and waiting for a new KeyLab MK3

This is not something Arturia have any history of doing at all. Same how in recent years they don’t preview products at showcases like NAMM. Their modus operandi is, one day there’s no sign of a new controller / synth / VST / Drum machine / whatever, next day boom it’s all there on the website backed by a plethora of publicity and tutorial videos on YouTube… The only tiny tiny exception I can think of in my ten years experience of buying and using Arturia products is they dropped a teaser video on YouTube a few days ahead of launching Pigments in 2018.


One thing that may seem stupid but that I desperately want on the new models are the dark wood side edges like on the polybrute noir… they would be gorgeous…
On the current model of the 61-key version the side wood part is not visible at all when you play.

Yeah that’s another reason why I did not side-grade from my Mk1 KeyLab 88. I know the wooden sidecheeks on my Mk1 KL88 are really just veneered chipboard but it really does look altogether a more premium product than the Mk2, not least because of the wooden sidecheeks.

EDIT: Here’s what it looked like



Nice! As we are already talking about the looks of it. I’d like to have a LED light guide to mark key switches and keyboard splits. :blush:

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Although the look of all the arturia hardware is already excellent, it would be cool if they had an even more vintage look.

New here, but here are a few things I’d like to see on a new KeyLab MK3:
1). MIDI 2.0
2). Knobs and Faders on the left, drum pads on the right. (I don’t like having to cross my arms unnecessarily).
3). Aftertouch
4). A lighter weighted keyboard action
5). Lights for keys / keyboard splits
6). Ability to store some sounds from Arturia on the keyboard itself


Would be happy with 1, 2, 3 and 5 (although having faders on the right doesn’t bother me really)

If by lighter weighted keyboard, you mean a lighter feel 88 note, the reason I bought the NI 88 and not Arturia was because all the reviews said it was a heavy keyboard to play, then I’m for that too, so long as it’s only slight lighter and still feels reasonably like a piano keybed. I’m very happy with the feel of my Keylab mk2 61 keyboard

Can’t see no 6 ever happening otherwise it would be effectively a standalone synth/keyboard rather than a controller, plus they would have to have a computer inside there hence the cost would be substantially more.

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I just realized a mistake I made: Arturia Keylab MK II DOES have aftertouch (Essential does NOT), just not polyphonic aftertouch, which would be nice in the MK3.

Re: Keyboard feel - I was thinking something comparable to Yamaha or Nord Hammer Action. So lighter for the 88 key version, but still with weighted keys.

Re: #2 - On an 88 MK2, you probably won’t notice it so much as most of the controls are left justified (so to speak), so knobs and faders are almost in the center of the keyboard, as compared with the right side. This would probably more noticeable if controls are centered as in the MK3 Essential, where controls are moved to the right. So, it might make sense to move knobs and faders to the left side of the screen to minimize arm crossing.

Actually I do not want to walk in the developers’ shoes. To make everybody happy will be an impossible task. Theoretically they could do it like car manufacturers do: built to order. But this makes things unbelievable expensive, and the service process would be a nightmare.

So be prepared that Arturia will stay true to its core. Which is half-weighted keys for the smaller 49 and 61 key versions and a hefty hammer action 88 key controller.

Of course, we will see Midi 2.0 and polyphonic aftertouch. There will be a much-improved display and a deep integration to the main DAWs.

I am not sure about the LED light guides though. Arturia could have done that with the MK2 version already. The fact that they didn’t, tells you a lot about their product philosophy. That won’t change given the company’s success. :man_shrugging:

I do not see a much more in regard of built-in functionality like sounds or even a sequencer. They have quite a good hardware portfolio already if you want that. A midi controller is not meant to be a stand-alone device. It is meant to control either other devices or your DAW.


In my above reply, I presumed you meant polyphonic aftertouch

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One feature I hope doesnt change - which i notice has changed on the essential 88 mk3, is the panel/controls position. The nice empty space for the laptop with the shelf becuase everything is aligned to the left . On the essential - they have changed from left to central. I hope they dont/havent done this with the mk3 keylab.
And also agree with above - the TP-110 seems the obvious choice for keybed.

“Arturia 25 years and beyond”… has the long-awaited moment arrived?

We will know soon. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

OK. No KeyLab MKIII today. But AstroLab shows, what we can expect in terms of display and connectivity. I guess Arturia will use AstroLab’s round display in the new KeyLab as well. Though it looks nice, it is still kind of small in comparison to NI’s Flagship.
Also very interesting: the mobile app connecting with AstroLab. I imagine we will see something similar for KeyLab.

AstroLab has no faders. I guess since it is not meant for controlling DAWs it is understandable.

Also interesting: As a standalone Stage Keyboard AstroLab is very reasonably priced. So we might see our KeyLab MKIII in quite an affordable price range.(?) :man_shrugging:


I just saw: AstroLab seems to have some decent LED action for knobs and even keyboard. Maybe there is hope for a light-guide. :crossed_fingers: I have to admit I am a sucker for blinky-blink. :grin:

To be honest, I’m not very impressed. Ok if I still gigged it would be excellent but I don’t.

I use the faders on my Keylab just as much for controlling sound parameters as I do for controlling my DAW.

The screen is a gimmicky stupid idea, all that space and a tiny circular screen than I personally would struggle to use.

No polyphonic aftertouch

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The missing PA is a headscratcher. that is for sure.

Just saw on Creative Sauce: You can use your Ipad as a big screen for controlling the AstroLab. Now that is getting really handy. Imagine you can do that to the KeyLab MKIII as well :exploding_head:!


I made a video in German about AstroLab and possible implications for a future Keylab MKIII. I also see a very good reason for the combination of the small-screened selector control. :man_shrugging:

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