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Author Topic: Midi CC implementation is VERY weird…   (Read 214 times)


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Midi CC implementation is VERY weird… 
« on: November 22, 2019, 01:01:32 am »
Hey Arturia, Perhaps I'm missing something here but…

Why are so many of the CC numbers used by the MicroFreak completely against the Midi standard?

Things like CC7 or 11 for Volume and  CC6 for Glide time CC72 for Release and CC73 for Attack,  are in the MIDI standard… 
so using them would make the Freak respond to standard controllers.

Conversely, Using CC10 for WAVE control causes BIG problems as its the CC standard for PAN… 

The chart I've attached shows SOME of the options that are in the midi standard and so would make a lot moe sense.

LOTS of standard cheaper midi control surfaces have knobs hard set to CC's 21-28 and faders CC's 41-48
SO even those would be a better option as they do not step on the standard midi assignments

Any thoughts?

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Re: Midi CC implementation is VERY weird… 
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2019, 03:06:45 am »
The 'standard' MIDI CC assignments are a general guideline I've found over the years.  If you've ever used any Waldorf gear, you'll find that only the bare minimum are adhered to with most CC's over 11 being completely different to the GM specs.
It can be a pain, I agree, but there are ways around the issues, such as turning off CC transmission in the 'Freak.  As far as cheaper controllers are concerned, forking-out for a decent controller with the option for user assigned CC tx will repay you in far more than ways than just this one instance, I assure you!
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Re: Midi CC implementation is VERY weird… 
« Reply #2 on: November 30, 2019, 09:07:51 pm »
YES your quite correct that I could re map the CC values, but that's missing my point.
Surely the point is that if nobody uses the 'standard' then it stops being a standard.
It is really obtuse that completely obvious CC numbers were not used.

CC10 is PAN on EVERYTHING. If the Freak SENDS CC10 any mixer chan its connected to, many then PAN… 
its stuff like this that is clearly just absurd

The designers got to choose CC numbers, and they chose to NOT use standard ones.

Yes I have plenty of assignable control surfaces, (I'm fortunate / wealthy enough) but my point about the preset CCs of a LOT of cheaper controllers, stands as, really WHY would you not try to make your device as convenient as possible to the majority of users.
I think its disappointing, Arturia chose exclusivity over universality, to the detriment of its user base.

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Re: Midi CC implementation is VERY weird… 
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2019, 09:17:02 pm »
CC 10 for Wave selection?

this is Midi CC for PAN 

Why are you not using the Non designated CC #'s 
Having the Freak SEND and RECEIVE PAN information is obviously absurd.


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