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Author Topic: Can’t register my product with serial numbers that included  (Read 804 times)


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Hi so i just bought a brand new black Keylab MKii 61 keyboard controller on guitar center website last week and when I’m at registering my product with serial numbers and unluck code that included
In the box it says this license can’t be registered and there is no option for choosing which product I’m registering for. Only serial number and unluck code option.also I felt like is not brand new.. there is little scratches that covered with the black marker at the edge corner....Someone plz help me.... I also contacted to arturia support web.. but still haven’t got respond

  I really loved this midi keyboard and don’t wanna to return it.. only if there is no choice:(

Sorry for my bad English
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Re: Canít register my product with serial numbers that included
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2019, 01:36:21 pm »
Hi and welcome to Arturia forums.

Perhaps Arturia support can help you. But this problem might be for Guitar Website to solve.

If the controller have been in the hand of another customer, as i read you suspect, then the license might be registred allready. That would mean, that someone else allready have access to the software, that come with the controller. That need to be unregistred, as someone else otherwise will have the software for free.

It's Guitar Websites responsibility to give you a product, that's not damaged, and that can be registred. Return the product to get a new unit and the software that come with it.

Perhaps Arturia support contact Guitar Website, or can fix this issue somehow. Afterall theReturn the product to get a new unit, can be Arturias responsibility, if in example the product has'nt been registred before or the registration preocess does'nt work correct. But if the site show you can unlock the product, then it might be refistred allready. I can't tell.

Good luck


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Re: Canít register my product with serial numbers that included
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2019, 02:55:03 am »
I just got a email responses from Arturia support and  she helped me registered my product!! And what you said is true too, I was almost decided to return the keyboard but since the problem solved Iím going to enjoy this amazing product:D

Thank you so much for responding and canít wait to see if there is going to be keylab MkII black 88 version!


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