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Author Topic: Has anyone ever mapped Keylab MK1 to Logic successfully?  (Read 478 times)


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Has anyone ever mapped Keylab MK1 to Logic successfully?
« on: October 13, 2019, 01:58:04 am »
I’m so sorry I purchased a Keylab61 mk1. I thought the build quality seemed better than the mk2 so I made the horrible mistake of buying one. After a couple dozen support emails with Arturia, their fix for me is basically “the mk2 is automapped for Logic”, which is great except I have the mk1. So they send a lengthy explanation about how they worked with apple for the mk2...again that’s great. I have an mk1, how does that help me? No answer. How can such simple things like cutoff/resonance/lfo/adsr not be universal for all controllers? This shit controller can correctly send note on/off/velocity/pitch bend signals universally...but none of the knobs and sliders? I hate Arturia now. Never mind their crap Analog Lab software that has a huge latency (that they’re aware of) when used as a plugin in logic. Works great in standalone...ya thanks. Oh and the fact analog lab is just a dumbed down version of v collection? Total crap. Screw this company. If anyone knows how to automap this Arcrapia ShitLab61 MK1 to Logic..please share?


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