August 12, 2020, 04:51:25 am
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Author Topic: BSP sequencers only run in "INT" mode, all others just stuck at first step?  (Read 273 times)


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Hi all,

So I just got a new BSP. It's a nice unit but connections seems a little confusing.
I want to use the step sequencer to sequence drums on my iPad with BeatMaker 3.
Other than being able to map the usual stuff in "control mode" nothing seems to
work right. I can't seem to start the sequencer at all, with anything. Only INT sync
mode works. Anyone can give some insight into this? Thanks in advance.


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It sounds like itís not receiving midi clock. Do you have any midi, specifically clock/sync, going into the bsp? If not, then keep it on internal.

Having the bsp be the master (int) lets you control the tempo right from the bsp. If you need the iPad to be the master clock then youíll need to make sure the iPad is sending clock for the bsp to receive it.


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