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Author Topic: Easiest/Simplest way to automate DX7 V stereo L<->R Pan with an LFO 2 modulator?  (Read 64 times)


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What is the easiest/simplest way to automate a DX7 V L<->R stereo Pan with an LFO 2 modulator?
I have read and reviewed the current DX7 V manual, (and used DX7 V extensively quite a long time ago), and have also tried several intuitive ways to automate an L<->R Stereo Pan using LFO 2.
However, I have found nothing explicit in the manual about how to do this, and my own efforts have also not yielded my desired result.

Could you please provide a brief outline of the steps that are required to accomplish this in a reply to this post?
I recall that this was very easy to do (in my distant past) when I was a more frequent user of DX7 V.

thanks in advance and nest regards, jim
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For this you must head to the MOD tab and assign LFO 2 to all the Operators that are Carrier in the algorithm that is used.
Make sure that the total amplitude of LFO 2 is not assigned to the mod wheel, like it's the case on many preset. If it's the case you have to set the Mod Wheel -> LFO 2 amp modulation amount to 0.

I attached a screenshot that show the process a bit, as well as a preset in which I set up what described above

Hope this help !



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