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Author Topic: Please Add "MIDI Learn" Feature  (Read 447 times)


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Please Add "MIDI Learn" Feature
« on: August 31, 2019, 02:36:31 am »
I wish the Compressors (and also the newly-released Delays) had the same "MIDI Learn" feature that the other Arturia plugins have.  I find it much more convenient to have it right there in the plugin, instead of having to map MIDI controls in my DAW software to the plugin knobs.  Plus, the way it works in the plugins, I can save different configurations (perhaps for each of my different MIDI controllers), and export them to other computers so that I can take my Arturia MIDI plugin configuration with me.

I submitted a support request (Request #577562) asking whether the "MIDI Learn" feature could be added to the Compressors and Delays, and was told that they "are audio effects plug-ins so they don't have the MIDI Learn feature".

But the Preamp and Filter plugins are also audio effects plug-ins, and they have the "MIDI Learn" feature -- so I am not satisfied with the response to that support request.

In case it is not clear what I mean by the "MIDI Learn" feature, it is described in the following manuals:

  1973 Preamp (Section 3.3, p. 13)
  Trida Preamp (Section 3.3, p. 12)
  V-76 Preamp (Section 3.3, p. 14)
  Mini Filter (Section 3.3, p. 14)
  SEM Filter (Section 3.3, p. 13)
  M-12 Filter (Section 4.1.8, p. 20)

It seems odd to me that you have the technology and code to do this, bu left it out of the Compressors and Delays.

Please consider adding it in a future update.

Best Regards, Ernie "lunker" Lundqvist
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