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Author Topic: Can anyone say which Arturia package contains close matches to these sounds?  (Read 356 times)


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Dear Anyone

I'm after background pad sounds, have been for ages.  Tried making my own but can't get the  hang of it so I'm waving a white flag and going for presets. Thing IS - I've no idea what package to use to get the presets from, whenever I download demos to anything they sound like leftover Star Wars zap gun effects! So I'm putting links to the sounds I want and hoping someone will tell me what to buy to get them, please as presets or very easily tweakable sounds ATM.

Very first background pad heard in very first second behind the piano HERE...


The sound starting behind the birdsound about 8 seconds in HERE


and any or all of the background sounds here - not the guitar, but all the synthy ones!


I'd love to write my own pieces using those types of sounds, I'm sure lots use presets, but nobody's ever told me WHAT presets or how to get my hands on them! Does Arturia have anything close??

Yours hopefully



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Maybe there's someone who is very familiar with Arturia's presets and can tell you what comes close. There are plenty of presets which can come close. I don't typically use the presets, but what I would do is open up Analog Lab, go to the filters tab, and select the pads filter. I believe it has all the pads from each instrument in the collection. Just hit a key and see what it sounds like. Down arrow, hit a key. Down arrow, hit a key. Mine has 1193 pad presets, and if you average around 3 seconds per preset, you can get through all of them in about an hour. Take notes of the ones you like: which synths are used, and the parameters they have in common. You'll start to get a feel for what makes a pad sound.

Being at the mercy of finding the right preset can really suck the energy out of the creative process, and you would be much more empowered by learning the basics of synthesis. There are an endless amount of videos on YouTube which explain the basics, and all of that knowledge can apply to Arturia's plugins. It only comes with practice, but there's no better feeling than to hear a sound in your head and then spend a couple of minutes willfully creating a sound which comes close before getting down to the business of creating music. You can always go back later to tweak them later, but it sure beats the arduous task of auditioning presets when you have an idea that you need to get down.

Just give it a go and have fun exploring!


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For sounds like those, I would say look at the Matrix 12, the CS-80, The Jupiter, and the Prophet.
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Using Analog 4 I identified the following as reasonably close:

  first 2 examples you give --> Synclavier - preset = "Naked Planet"  or Modular - preset = "Hollow"
  3rd example I thought --->  DX7 - preset = "Rom 1A 11-E Piano 1"  or Pigments - preset = "Mystic Pluck"

All imo.



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