December 14, 2019, 04:29:04 pm
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Author Topic: V collection DX7 Preset Archive.  (Read 257 times)

Rohan Walker

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V collection DX7 Preset Archive.
« on: July 17, 2019, 02:50:26 am »
236,489 preset archive for DX7. available.
yes, I went trawling the net and found over 430,000 presets.
I then imported all of them to the V collection - several months work on my part
then started deleting second copies of the set narrowing it down to the figure of 236,489 presets for DX7.
the collection still requires significant work of auditioning and comparing similarly named instruments to determine second and third copies. this would greatly reduce the number, but still represent an enormous expansion on what is currently available.
I have attempted to share it with Arturia Corporate so that it can be included as an expansion option. but my google drive is as slow as a one legged centipede.

Please note:
1. in extracting the files, I doubled up on a lot of them just to be sure, so there are many second copies of individual presets.

2. being un-aware of multi-file-renaming software, I spent several months deleting the preceding numbers from the names eg. "00 Guitar" to become "Guitar"
one by one, yes I believe I am still sane. :-) though mentally exhausted.

3. the presets appeared in folders associated with the "designer" of the sets. this again was useless for real searching. so I extracted them all into folders from A to Z.

4. this is not really good either, as you will find "Acoustic Organ" under "A" for Acoustic, rather than "O" for Organ, where it really should be.

so there you have it, I will be mailing the set as a DVD to arturia shortly.
but any suggestions you might have to simplify the matter would be appreciated.
feel free to email me directly, but please, keep in mind.
I have worked three hours daily for Seven Months on this.

It would be very nice if the job was finished in an easier manner than it has been up until now.
please also bear in mind, there are second and third copies of instruments.
so the collection is not "really 236,489" presets, due to the presence of second and third copies of same sounds. I have NO IDEA how many truly individual sounds there are, but I can assure you that it will be a significant number of new additions to the library as a whole.
after that, perhaps we can start trawling the net for presets for other synths in the V collection such as the Synclavier, or the Moog.
Rohan Walker.


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Re: V collection DX7 Preset Archive.
« Reply #1 on: July 17, 2019, 12:56:36 pm »
Huge amount of work you've no doubt undertaken because of your love and passion for the instrument, yet I suspect sharing it with Arturia will probably be in vain because I'm not sure they have the legal rights to distribute third party presets, not unless you yourself had created them all and you were giving Arturia the distribution rights.
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Rohan Walker

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Re: V collection DX7 Preset Archive.
« Reply #2 on: July 18, 2019, 01:52:39 am »
yes, I quite agree.
the presets appeared on the net as a collection for download.
with the target audience estimated to be "dexed" users.

so to be completely open about this, the above is the source location.
look, I am simply the messenger (heh)
yes, I extracted them and am in the process of making them available for the Arturia emulation for my own personal use.
my thought process was "why should someone else have to do all this work that I have already done again at some other location?"
I did not undertake the task with breach of ownership in mind,
but rather as an increased availability.
if they are already on the net, then the ownership debate should be directed to the programmer administering the gifting website.
I do not have the financial or legaleze resources to undertake the ownership debate,
I think that this question needs to be addressed also, if and when the final collection becomes available from Arturia. - if they choose to do so.
any queries of ownership should be addressed to the above web admin.


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