May 12, 2021, 03:29:20 am
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Author Topic: Midi Control Centre: 'Recall from' reverses pad row order in user template?  (Read 361 times)


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In MCC made a user template based on 'Analog Lab (Read Only)' using 'Recall From' and stored the result in the  'User 1' template on the Keylab. After a lot of fiddling about  I realised:

-- in 'Analog Lab' mode using Analog Lab (Read Only) template
pads are row ordered starting bottom left, so playing bottom left pad gives C1 and top right D#2

--  in 'User' mode using the Analog Lab (Copy) template
pads  are row ordered starting top left, so playing bottom left pad gives C2 and top right D#1.

Unless I'm doing something silly this leaves 16 incorrect pad assignments to edit by hand, and it is a very confusing bug to pin down, so it would be nice to see it put right.

Note: my Keylab 61 mk2 firmware & Midi Control Centre firmware software are up to date.

Note/Question to other users: doing a copy in this way the knobs and sliders seem to be properly mapped to the Analog  Lab controls, and so it gives you an editable version of the Analog Lab mode where you can, e.g. set a foot pedal on Aux 1-3 to gate and toggle mode. Is there any better way of doing this?


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