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Author Topic: Dice and Spice Adjustments  (Read 264 times)


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Dice and Spice Adjustments
« on: May 12, 2019, 11:28:32 pm »
I don't know yet whether this is my use or understanding of Spice and Dice, but so far, the results seem subtle to the point of non-existent at the low ranges of dialing them in, and noticeable obviously when set to max.  Spice in particular tends to feel like an on/off switch; choose a little and nothing seems to change; choose a lot and it's on. ?

The one thing that seems to get me in between is holding Dice at some point on the slider area, then tapping the Spice icon to lock it "on" at the chosen level, then choosing level of Spice.

In any event, in case this is a range thing, or some option in Utility, it would be great to have better control over how subtly Spice and Dice affect a sequence or held arpeggiation.

It seems least effective (maybe not working correctly?) if I use it as currently described in the manual (1.0.0), tapping Dice quickly, then choosing Spice level with a tap, or vice versa. When you just tap the slide bar after turning on the Dice icon, the Dice only lights up at a certain level at the moment of tap. It stays at that level if you _hold_ the point on the slide bar and then turn on the Spice icon.

Still a little confusing, and I could see more control over the range of effect in a sequence possibly being useful....???


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