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Author Topic: Do you use Microtuning / Microtonal Scales, like Aphex Twin and others?  (Read 262 times)


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Re: Do you use Microtuning / Microtonal Scales, like Aphex Twin and others?
« Reply #15 on: April 17, 2019, 02:52:23 pm »
Don't get me wrong, i appreciate a lot the input of experts like LBH or Dr Justice - who wouldn't.
I'm not at all en expert in this area :) I've just followed it with fascination for some years - especially Carlo Serafini's voyage through tunings.

I have only one synth capable of arbitrary scales, the Sub 37, but it has no microtonal scales loaded (there is some software from Moog to make new scales). Many synths are capable of being programmed for equal temperament using key tracking for the the pitch, but it's kind of a hassle for those who just want to quickly play around with not-12T ET scales. So yes, I agree, synth manufacturers could do well with having alternative tunings in the synths - that would open up for exploring, and perhaps learning to appreciate other tunings. And of course, some (potential?) customers may come from cultures where other tunings are the order of the day. Most of the instruments we can buy are 12TET ones though (synths, strings, flutes, brass etc.), so starting a band to play microtonal music ain't that easy :P


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Re: Do you use Microtuning / Microtonal Scales, like Aphex Twin and others?
« Reply #16 on: April 18, 2019, 12:29:56 am »

Take some examples:

If you use Pigments factorty Default preset and then use KBD as modulator to modulate the used Engine Coarse parameter with and amount of -0.25, then you get around a quarter note tuning with C as a root key. This you can manipulate further using the KBD scaling curve. Is'nt this done without SCALA files?

If you set the KBD modulation amount to around -0.33 for the coarse instead when using a new loaded factory default preset, then you have around 1 octave in tuning stretched over 3 octaves keys, with Middle C as root key. So this can also be done without importing SCALA files.

If you use a modulation of -0.50 in the same example, then there is no pitch change throughout the keyboard, and then with modulation amounts down to -1.00 you get negative keyboard responses. Using the KBD curve option can add changes.

If you set the modulation to positive values in same examples, then you will reach an octaves tuning using less keyboard Keys. Using a modultion of +1.00 you only use 1 keyboard octave to reach 3 octaves in tuning.

Always keep in mind that you have the KBD curve parameter too to add variations.
In my examples it's set to default setting. If it's not in default setting, then you get other results.

I can suggest you use a tuner to see what's going on.

In some cases i can imagine you can find documentation for excisting scales to use in some of the tunings. And you can exsperiment and create some your self. All this can be done without the use of SCALA files, and can be done now.

Again this is not to say that i don't wan't other tuning and scales features. I actually think i have been given my view on this in my posts in the current thread.
But if i was against, i should be allowed to post in the current thread anyway without being told i'm wrong.
You ask for opinions and usage about microtonal tunings and about scales. That is what i answer to, is'nt it?
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Re: Do you use Microtuning / Microtonal Scales, like Aphex Twin and others?
« Reply #17 on: April 18, 2019, 12:46:52 am »
thanks again, yes there are workarounds.

But sorry, i did not ask for workarounds, but i asked, if people here on the board would like to use alternate tunings.

PIGMENTS offers only a few in the seq/arp section,  and i would love to see the possibility to use any scl or tun file.

It's good there are workarounds. 

But why did ARTURIA then include any tunings at all? Why did they not say: Hey in case you want another tuning, get yourself a tuner pedal and fiddle with the pitchwheel or this or that?

This may sound lazy to you, but there are people who just want to use the scale they've grown up with. Or they work fast  and just want to simply try out different african tunings in a song,
without taking 2 hours for each tuning to set up.

Some of the best synths i know OFFER this possibility (maybe even all the best?) , and i would like to see this in two of my own favorite synths, MATRIXBRUTE and PIGMENTS.
I guess i don't ask for too much here  - it is totally obvious from musical standpoints, that a good synth offers this feature.

So please, don't get me wrong, but no more workarounds or tipps for tuners please  (... in this case ) ;)
i either would like to see the possibility to load tunings (or / and to micro-tune each key)

cheers !

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Re: Do you use Microtuning / Microtonal Scales, like Aphex Twin and others?
« Reply #18 on: April 18, 2019, 02:15:46 am »
 in case one or the other of you hasn't tried yet: on the back of serum you can throw in tunings in tun format ;)
and here are some APHEX TWIN tunings to download:  https://www.reddit.com/r/edmproduction/comments/6zqawj/aphex_twins_custom_tuning_files_extracted_from/

( available via this link in scl, kbm and tun format !!! )

here again you find a huge archive to experiment with:

and check out this list, which synths can load microtunings:

it's quite amazing !  so come on ARTURIA, make microtuning possible please
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