October 02, 2022, 06:03:22 am
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Author Topic: Program Change via encoder, Transport buttons work in User mode, bugs  (Read 98 times)


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Hi there,

After picking up a KeyLab 61 mkII recently, I have found the following bugs/features requests:
1. Start a sequence (i.e. send MIDI REALTIME START) to external gear selected via MIDI Ch)
2. Allowing Program Change via the encoders.
3. Allow button/switch name setting.
4. Fader bounce needs adjustment.
5. In MCC, hitting Enter any key anywhere outside of a textbox crashes the entire program.  (Mac M1, MCC, while connected to mkII.)

For 1, If sending a MIDI Start message on a user-selected midi channel is possible, my apologies but I cannot discern how to do it.

For 2, allowing PC, you can assign and send a specific PC selection via the buttons, but cannot cycle through them, giving a maximum possible number of 16+(9*3)=43 presets choosable.    Realizing this will not work for all gear, but that's why it's a user preset -- the user can set it up on gear where it works, or otherwise use the Preset button around the main encoder dial.

For 3, having the buttons/switches just say e.g. "Sel 2 B1 MID CC" is pretty useless.

For 4, when editing e.g. CC settings in User mode for encoders/faders/etc. from the front panel (very tedious), unless all faders are returned to 0, often while editing, another fader will be "detected" as having been moved, switching the edit immediately to that fader, even if you are in the middle of changing an option name or such.  Better debouncing logic, or disallowing other control selection while in the middle of editing a control would sort this.
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