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Author Topic: FR: End and other triggers.  (Read 174 times)


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FR: End and other triggers.
« on: December 24, 2018, 02:13:26 pm »
I suggest to have end triggers from Functions and end triggers from Envelopes, key up trigger from Key - and pr step triggers from Sequencer Steps.
This would for example allow us to create chained modulators and add speciel events to individual sequencer steps and to a key up.

For example a Function that run to the end, and then when it reach the end trigger another modulator.

Or for example a Envelope that trigger something at the end of any given envelope - like triggering other Envelopes or Functions. A envelope end would be after the Decay is over unless there is a release time, as the envelope end then is after the release time.

Selectable Sequencer Step triggers, so you can select a certain step to trigger something could be nice. This would add to the many modulation possibilities that allready excist, as the step would be able to trigger things like Envelopes and Functions on a certain Sequencer step.

The Key up trigger should just trigger something like Functions and Envelopes when a key is released.

It will for example also be possible to create something like a sustained looped envelope and to delay envelopes and other modulators to trigger and so on...

Triggers like this have lots of possibilities, and is in the spirit of Pigments, as i see it.

Something to consider for a further developement for Pigments to make it even more versatile and powerful.
I believe this is in the spirit of Pigments.
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