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Author Topic: Hardware VST host for live performance? Computer-less?  (Read 1081 times)


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Hardware VST host for live performance? Computer-less?
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:34:26 pm »
Hi, I am considering a purchase of KeyLab MkII because I like the tight integration between the hardware controller and the VST host.

Has anyone gone "all the way" and built a live setup that eliminates the need for a keyboard, mouse, and monitor?  I'd love some sort of tiny computer that could boot straight to a VST host with AnalogLab or V-Collection loaded and ready to be played by the KeyLab.

Any ideas?


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Re: Hardware VST host for live performance? Computer-less?
« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2018, 09:07:11 pm »
In the past some have tried to make some sort of dedicated VST player. Like "Muse Receptor":

I don't think it's developed anymore. Note that it's old like the software on the website also is. And i actually don't know if it's good or even possible to run and use all the functions in todays VST software in such devices. Many even use a DAW optimized for live performance today.

I also think that for example visuality is important. And software are normaly created for known operating systems.
Some use touchscreens where it's possible. I don't know how much Arturias applications can do, as i don't have a touchscreen.

A stripped down dedicated computer that only run the needed functions, and being able to use an operating system that's targeted music production alone, would be great. The best you can do right now, i think is to optimize excisting operating systems and computers for the task. And that's what working fine for many allready.

In Windows you can for example add Analog Lab 3 to the startup, so it launch when you open your computer.
I assume something similar is possible on an Apple computer.
I'm not even sure a device like Muse Receptor could do this.
I don't think it's a good idea to open all the V-Collection application as standalone applications at the same time.  Have you tried to have them all open? And what if you need more than one of each? This apply to any applications from any vendor.

I don't know how much of what you exspect to be able to do that's possible, only using your keyboard controller.
But yes i believe you will have much control over especially Arturias software having a KeyLab MKII controller. I don't have one yet. It's up to you to decide.
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