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Author Topic: How to Switch Memory in an Ableton Live Set Without Affecting Earlier Parameters  (Read 2274 times)


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Hey guys! I'm new to all of this so please be kind (I'll put main points in bold since I tend to ramble). (and yes this a copy of an older post but I need to delete that account so I'm putting it here)

So I'm using my Minilab MkII as a sequencer in Ableton.  In Ableton I made a midi effect rack to control 8 chains (one chain to each pitch of the sequencer) then I used the drum pads on the Minilab to control the channel on/off switches (figuring it would be nice to see a visual with the pads lit up) that way I can create various rhythms.  I'm keeping these settings in memory 6 and the pads are on midi channel 11.

Then I want to switch to a different memory (in this case memory 7) to use drums pads for a drum rack.  The issue is each time I switch from memory 6 to memory 7 all my chains on/off switches turn off.  My assumption is that when I switch memories, one last midi message is sent and turns the channels off, but that's my rather limited knowledge.

Can anyone help? All suggestion on how to keep one memory setting safe in Ableton while switching to a new memory would be greatly appreciated.



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I have observed that when switching memory presets, the Minilab MkII sends control off for all the pads with toggle option that were left in the on position.

I have programmed the 8 pads in toggle mode to mute 8 Ableton tracks on memory 3, but when switching to memory 2, all tracks were muted. As a workaround I have reversed the on/off values (on - 0, off - 127), so at least when I switch memories all tracks will be unmuted.

I don't think there ia a way around this, because the Minilab does not seem store the state of the control with the preset, when the presets are switched. 


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