October 04, 2022, 12:42:45 pm
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Author Topic: LFO sync problem when sequencing microbrute with external sequencer using CV/gat  (Read 2259 times)


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HI, I recently connected an external sequencer (korg sq-1) to my Microbrute. When sequencing my microbrute using CV/gate signals it works just fine except for the fact that the LFO does not sync to the tempo of the external sequencer. Is this normal?

I noticed the LFO is synced to the sequencer tempo which is also not synced to the external sequencer. If I turn the ''sequencer step on'' option in the midi control center to ''gate'' instead of ''clk'' the sequencer syncs to the external sequencer but then the microbrute does not produce any sound using the external sequencer. Is this normal?

Is there any way to use CV/gate to sequence the Microbrute AND have the LFO in sync with the incoming sequence tempo? Icant find any info online about this. Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks!  An3z


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