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Author Topic: Vintage / Retro / Famous Patches  (Read 535 times)


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Vintage / Retro / Famous Patches
« on: September 10, 2018, 01:19:42 am »

I am wondering what Arturia has in store for Retro / Famous patches?

The presets packed with the soft synths seemed to be generally focused on teasing modern sounds out of classic synths.  The "tribute" patches do a nice job with vintage / famous sounds. 

Speaking for myself, I have an appetite for more in this direction.  What do others think?


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Re: Vintage / Retro / Famous Patches
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2018, 10:08:50 pm »

This has been suggested before.

In short the answer is yes but...

I could also ask - which sounds for which application? Do you have any suggestions?
And what should the sounds show?

For me the most important presets to have in a emulation is the ones that show how it emulate the speciel sound and functionality the original had, and show how good the emulation is. Often this is about iconic vintage sounds.
It's especially sounds that when you hear them can tell which synth/ instrument it is, as they can only be produced on that one synth/ instrument because of it's sound and/ or use of speciel original functionality. It's about the sounds that is unique for each synth/ instrument. I don't mind one synth have sounds that try to sound like other synths, but the presets for a application should mainly be about using what's making each application unique sounding and/ or about showing both it's unique and full functionality.

But i also think that new sounds are important to show new functionality. But that require Arturia also have fully working modern functionality, and i find that is lacking. It's important the applications also can be used in a modern context, but keeping the originals sound and functionalty.

So for me the most important things is:
1. To get the applications sound to be an optimal emulation of the originals.
2. To have all original functionality to work like the originals.
3. To have new functionality to work - including in new contexts - and that include better sync, reset and MIDI sync resolution options for any function and effect that can use this - including triplets and dotted notes.

There is still some way to go for all this to fully work.

There are many posts about sound and functionality (issues) in the forums.

No doubt that well made presets that can sound like and show the above is wanted, if they are made on the application that emulate the instrument the sounds originally was made on, or sounds that have that unique character and/ or functionality that the sound is made on original have or had.

So many applications form different vendors have lots of sounds to use for certain music styles, but does'nt sound like the synths Arturia try to emulate. And the reason to use vintage synths in any music style for me is to use each instruments unique sound and functionality no matter it's for old or new music styles.

Why buy emulations of older hardware synths, if not for the speciel sound and functionality for each instrument, and because you have an idea about how that sound and functionality is?
It's also about known and famous sounds, but also about more than that. And new sound for new music styles is a part of it, if they can show the unique sound and functionality of each instrument like explained above.

That's my view. Any other views on this?


BTW  - I suggest you only have one thread of each topic to keep it all in one thread. No need to create 3 threads with the same topic.
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