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Author Topic: “Transpose Centre pitch” depended on first note of the sequence  (Read 462 times)

Fabian Reuter

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In a Future Firmware Update, can you please please include the following modification or option:
The “Transpose Center Pitch” is not set to one specific note by default but is automatically set to the first note of the selected sequence. That means, when a sequence starts with G2 and I press G2 in transpose mode nothing happens. And when I press A2 the sequence is transposed by +2 semitones.
Korg Monologue works just like that and it makes so much more sense!
Otherwise, whenever your root key  (or rather the first note of your sequence) is not the same note you set globally as the “transpose centre pitch”, you get really confused. Because, for example, a sequence in g minor is transposed to a minor when you press d on the keyboard. With the above mentioned solution you would get d minor when pressing d.


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Re: “Transpose Centre pitch” depended on first note of the sequence
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2018, 12:25:36 pm »
Thank you for bringing this issue up! It's my first day with Keystep and I'm really dissappointed because of this feature. Why on Earth do we need this transpose center pitch? I record a sequence with D3 as a root note, but then when I press D when the sequence is playing it actually transposes it to E, because it recognizes that you've pressed a note two semitones from C3 which is the transpose center note. Please, Arturia, change this, because otherwise I will return the keystep to the store. In this way it is not usable to me.  Thank you.


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Re: “Transpose Centre pitch” depended on first note of the sequence
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2018, 03:33:18 am »
Just wondering, which sequencers do have a transpose function that does recognise the root note/key that the pattern is in and then adjusts it's center note accordingly?  That's a rather sophisticated function and if there is a hardware sequencer that has it, I'd like to own it.  Interestingly, none of my workstation MIDI sequencers with song mode and event editing etc have ever had any sort of realtime transposition capabilities.  Companies like MIDISolutions had to make little boxes to do that for us.
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