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Author Topic: Drag midi patterns one instrument at a time out of the seq eg kick then snare.  (Read 320 times)


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Hello. I am trying to drag the midi parts out of the sequencer one at a time like this video on Youtube:

I am using version 2.4 and can't work out how to do it. It was working in version 1.7

Can someone please let me know how this is done in the new version. Thank you.


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I've never been able to do this, and very much wanted to.
That video is from the original Spark, not Spark 2.

A workaround would be to set your DAW to record MIDI out from Spark 2. That's what I do, and it works great. ... You then have to remember to turn OFF "Host," otherwise when you start playback in your DAW it will also start playing the pattern in Spark itself, along with the recorded MIDI.
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Does'nt your DAW have a "Explode pitches to tracks" function? Perhaps under another name.
Then you drag the full MIDI seq from Spark to your DAW, and then you just this function to split each pitch/ instrument to a seperate track.
It's actually a much faster way to do it.


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Thanks for the replies.
I have and do both the things you have suggested and yes it's fine that way. But after watching the video of a feature that seems to have been taken out of the new version, I miss it without ever having it if you know what I mean. Why take out a perfectly good feature ?
Thanks again.


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I usually drag audio, just mute the pad you don't need and when you drag and drop you'll get only the unmuted pad. I didn't check with midi if it works on the same way. I found much quicker than recording in the DAW


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Could you please explain what exactly the problem is all about? I don't seem to understand it, so it makes it difficult to contribute.

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