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Author Topic: Keylab Essentials playing an undesignated instrument over selected instrument  (Read 475 times)


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I am brand new to MIDI Controllers.  Here is what I am experiencing.  I connected my Keylab 49 to my iMAC via usb after downloading every bit of software needed.  Next I routed my Keylab 49 into my prefered DAW (Harrison Mixbus) and set the input to Keylab 49 Essentials INPUT to MIDI and enabled the MIDI input.  Then I selected an instrument (being sure to make sure the keys and Analog Lab 3 was set to the same channel), but what I hear is not what I selected.  In fact, it sounds like I can hear my instrument choice on top of a synth instrument I did not select.  Not sure if this is a routing issue in my DAW or if it is something I need to yet define and configure in my hardware via the MIDI software center.  Any help would be greatly appreicated! 

Matt Arturia

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I'm not sure to understand your issue. What do you mean by "but what I hear is not what I selected" ? It would be great if you could make a short video clip of your issue so I can try to troubleshoot it.




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I wasn't able to upload a video, but let me run you through the steps I take to record a MIDI track.

1. Open Midi Control Center software and select keyboard to MIDI channel 1.  (Not fully adept at using or understanding this
    software yet. (This maybe where the problem has originated.)  I use "user 1" under "Device Memories" and "default" under
    "Local templates"  I have yet to set up any knobs or encoders to any specific parameters or MIDI channels.
2. Select keyboard to MIDI channel one.
3. Select a patch from Analog Lab 3.  ie. Wurlitzer "Midrange" Standard
4. Make sure my Keylab 49 is set to the same MIDI channel 1.
5. Map Select Analog Lab
6. Create a MIDI track in Harrison Mixbus and route the MIDI connections between Mixbus tracks MIDI in & the hardware
7. Arm MIDI track, enable MIDI input and monitoring and then.... :'(
8. Instead hearing the Wurlitzer Patch I selected, I hear a patch that overrides the Wurlitzer. 
So I hope this helps you understand the chaos I have been experiencing for a few days now.
Thanks for listening,


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