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Author Topic: Arturia blocking Audio Output for external recorders in Analog Lab 3 - Really?  (Read 2089 times)


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Oh man, I was just trying to record some presets in the standalone Version of Analog 3 for Arturia support because of clicking sounds (in an external software recorder). But I just couldn't do it. I troubleshooted the problem for hours... (like I have nothing else to do). Obviously, I know I can do it in a DAW, but why not from within the standalone Analog Lab 3 app? I then tried the older version of Analog Lab (also has a nicer GUI), which absolutely worked fine. Playing sounds within the older app and recording them with 3rd party external software recorders works fine there.

I am only left with one explanation: Arturia is now blocking the output of Analog 3 for any external windows software recorder (my guess is Mac as well)!! Arturia, that is soooo LAME!!!! You are selling your software to us, so we can produce music! I have paid multiple times for upgrades and must have spend 1000+ bucks already, but your Analog Lab is become worse with every upgrade. That Arturia is now blocking the audio output as well is leaving me speechless! What's the point of a standalone preset player, if you can't even record your jam sessions? Please, explain? You are forcing us to fire up to DAW everytime now? Any why?

I really dislike using the new Analog Player 3 because frankly, its become a sterile, minimalist and unresponsive piece of useless software! Look at the favorites function as an example: Only one heart to mark a preset as a favorite? What happened to the five stars to categorize your presets? And when I click the heart there is a long delay. Why? Does that data travel over the internet and back? And what about the chord feature? You just silently phased it out?? Just like that? And now you are blocking the main audio output? You made Analog 3 so minimal, that it's become a totally useless app!!! It was OK until now, because I was able to use the old Analog Lab (which was fine). But the new synths like Buchla and DX7 are no longer supported by the old Analog Lab Version.

Its already bad enough that I cant record WAVs withing Analog Lab directly (that should be a standard feature), to now block the outputs for other recorders really sucks. Its OK that you have added a new feature so we can spend more money on new presets, but please do not restrict us in basic & core features of music production.

Seriously, if this trend is continuing with Arturia Software I am selling my V Collection and will start to shop around for other synths. The most recent issues I am having with gigantic CPU overload with Buchla & Co and the extra unwanted clicks and noises in sounds has made Analog Lab 3 even more problematic. For any professional studio setup: useless!!!!

I really hope Arturia Executives will rethink their current restrictive path and do something about Analog Lab 3 quickly.
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I have just tested it, and by enabling Stereomix (as allways before) on Windows 10 i can record AL3 standalone in both Windows voice recorder and in Audacity. If you are on windows are you sure you have enabled Stereomix and have selected the right connections and such?

How many and which standalone applications do you know have a recorder?
Standalone does'nt have to mean it's an all in one application so to speak. Standalone is the fact it can work outside a host, and in design also can be used in a psysical design context like a speciel buildt computer case that only is about that application.
Many softsynth only come as plug-ins. Having the standalone option is actually quite good. Only wish it also could use qwerty as keyboard to play.

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I don't know about recording in stand-alone mode but, I definitely agree that the GUI sucks big time.  Apparently, some "Pros" have decided that the GUI is better than Analog Lab 2.  No one seems to complain about it though so I guess there are many out there that simply return to AL2 and keep quiet about it.
In any case, I'm back with AL2 and, even if I can't use presets created with the latest version of Modular V, I'll simply use the two software independantly.


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Unfortunately, it seems to be a trend nowadays among many software companies, to silently phase out features in existing workstation based software (that you already paid for). These features are slowly migrated to cloud based services for which you then have to pay monthly fees (again). The whole minimalist approach in Analog Lab 3 seems to go in that direction. Client-side software is disenfranchised, made more web-like and then finally migrated completely to a server based application / provider scheme. Web-based features have already been introduces in Lab 3 (pay for new preset option and browser). Like the frog that is cooked slowly, you only realize whats happening when its to late  :'(

I also seems that our "favorite" options might be sent to servers already (to get our take which presets we like and which ones we don't). At least that would explain why there is such a lag when you press the little "Like / heart" button. But I could be wrong! I didn't have time to check Arturia's privacy statement, but if that's what they are doing already, it is very likely that its mentioned there (companies have to do it, as new EU provisions /enforcement's are going into effect May 25th and can translate into huge fines (up to 5% of a companies yearly gross income, if there is a breach in data use transparency). It would be nice, if they collected this information and shared it with us free of charge. But I guess you will only see these features when you subscribe. Data collected and sold back to you...

Anyway, Recorder does not work for me in Analog Lab 3 no matter what I try. Stereo mix active or not. Plus, if I have a professional audio interface (together with software in excess of many thousand dollars) why should I use my PCs internal sound chip with Windows Recorder? I appreciate the effort and idea, but I would much more prefer a more professional approach and I think its something we can expect from Arturia. Switching between different audio drivers just to do a simple recording is simply not AI, its lame. 

My major concern right now are those obnoxious click and crackle sounds I am getting in many of the new presets. My audio interface doesn't seem to be at fault here, because these noises are only audible in Analog Lab 3, and as far as I can tell, only occur when playing new presets. I have posted a list of presets that display this behavior in a very audible way. It could also be a some communication issue between Steinberg's USB ASIO Driver and AL3. When I make changes in the ASIO driver's buffer option within AL3, the app becomes 95% unresponsive. Changing the sample rate is OK though.

I am currently spending more time troubleshooting these constant issues, then I am working in on my projects. When I finally get everything working perfectly, there's another ....... Windows 10 update silently auto-installing in the background and another problem gets introduced somewhere else along the line (and usually that takes days to fix). Its frustrating, time consuming and costly!
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