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Author Topic: [Solved]Sequencer Issue  (Read 534 times)


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[Solved]Sequencer Issue
« on: May 27, 2018, 07:14:25 am »
My sequencer seems to be acting strange and I'm wondering if I'm missing a parameter in the Midi Control Center or if maybe I somehow ended up with a prototype or defective unit. With the mode switch set to Seq and the number set to 1/up, I can hit record and enter a C major scale, then hit stop, then play and it will correctly play back my sequence. If I change the number dial to 2/down and do the exact same thing I get the 8 notes played forward and then backward, as if in Arp mode with the dial set to 3/Inc. Stranger still, when I try to record the same sequence to memory slot 3, I get the sequence played back with the seventh note flattened. Mem slots 4-7 all seem to be fine but 8 flattens the 3rd and the 7th note.

I re-read the sequencer sections of the manual and re-installed the latest firmware for the unit and the issue persists. Does anyone have any insight?

Thanks to a user on reddit my problem has been solved. A hardware reset was required--hold the octave up and octave down buttons while powering the unit on.
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