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Author Topic: Mapping Arturia Minilab MK 2 to Reason 10... but how?  (Read 2288 times)


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Mapping Arturia Minilab MK 2 to Reason 10... but how?
« on: April 07, 2018, 11:39:18 pm »
hi there,

just getting today my Minilab MK 2 and trying to map it with Reason 10.
by the way - absolut beginner...

what i try to do is:
1. map the knobs to a synth (abl3) and the effects there (tuning, cut off, Distortion etc.)
2. map the pads up to kong

in reason:
applyed hardware - automatic recognizing = matches and find the arturia mini lab 2
master keyboard = standard
In Port = Arturia MiniLab mk II
Out Port = Arturia MiniLab mk II
Midi Control Center:
Device = MiniLab mkII

> Processing:
right click on a software knob in reason > tastatursteuerungszuordnung einrichten > not possible
right click on a software knob in reason > remote-override zuordnung bearbeiten > runs... ok in a way...
Steuergerät = arturia mini lab
Bedienelement = moving a knob... (automaticly)

if i do the explained processing above then i
1. can move the minilab knobs and the software (reason, abl 3) follows... but not accuratly  ??? ... it has a delay, its sometimes the wrong way (moving knob in clock rotation, software is against clock rotation)... for short...
tried to move fast or slow, same probs
2. pads are not at all mapabel?

the hardware seems ok - test with the analog lab 3 and choosing there an synthie runs perfect...

have tried differnt settings - nothings fix the issue.

its totaly possible that i make a setting mistake but after houers of trying i'm frustrated..

can anyone help?
short instruction will help... anything will help ;)

best greetz


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