June 20, 2019, 11:14:02 pm
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Author Topic: The MatrixBrute as an educational tool  (Read 28 times)


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The MatrixBrute as an educational tool
« on: June 19, 2019, 03:35:30 pm »
I hope music tech schools have stumbled across the MatrixBrute.  Despite its initially very complicated appearance, the flow of sound manipulation is done so well, and so clearly, with so much variation, it would be a great tool for teaching basic as well as complex sound design and synthesis concepts.  I've learned this recently myself. After using the MB, and pretty much only the MB (other than connecting it to a few other synths for additional sound manipulation), for a couple of weeks, I went into the programming of a couple of sounds on my Korg Kronos.  I swear I was able to see much more clearly how the Kronos created the sounds I'd been using since purchasing it a couple of years ago (I still hate the "DOS" based way you have to load, save, and move presets (programs) and multis around--very very clunky).  Once I dove into the Korg sounds, it seemed much more natural for me, and much less complicated or intimidating, to just start  moving and tweaking oscillators (including samples and waveforms), lfos, envelopes, effects, arpeggiators. I was in a matter of minutes tearing up and rebuilding presets that were somewhat close, but not really what I wanted, so they were completely different in their own way and served the purpose I'd been looking for (e.g. so they more smoothly resonated with the preset I'd created on the MB). 

I realize that I might sound a bit like a little kid in a candy store to most of you.  I am not apologizing for that though.  I am saying the MB has re-introduced me to a delight and fascination with sound design since I bought my first synth a long, long time ago (Korg X5).  I hope Arturia does continue to support it and that others will be inspired to dig into it because despite its complex possibilities, it is also very accessible.


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