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Author Topic: Ipad Mini not working with all 3 Arturia iPad synths: problem SOLVED!  (Read 1083 times)


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OK, don't know if I ever got back, but if you are like me and bought ALL THREE Arturia iSynths to use with your iPad Mini 2, and wanted them to work with a keyboard/hardware to trigger, and it DOES NOT!  Here's the fix: you need to wipe the the iPad and reset it back to the day you bought it.  I saved the memory stuff (all the import photos, songs, mp3's, etc) to my iTunes, then restarted the whole device, rebuilding it as if from Day One.

This SOLVED THE PROBLEM 101%!  I spent 3 weeks trying to find out WHY the Arturia iSynths (SO inexpensive, SO AWESOME-sounding!) did NOT work.  I bought and tried 3 different USB type mini keyboards (all 3 made by Arturia) and had the same result with all three: they would work for about 10 or 20 seconds, then lock up on one note.  ...or just die compeletely, forcing me to shut down & restart the device.

I went to the local Apple Store, and they gave me the fix: wipe the hard drive (after saving the important stuff, mind you), then reload all your apps, all your photos, all songs, etc... everything you saved before wiping.  THIS IS YOUR FIX.

And since doing this (just needed to do it once) THIS THING IS THE BOMB!  It never fails to FLOOR any and every person I play it for.  Put it through an SVT (300 watts tube head, 8x10" cab) and you will CHANGE THE WORLD!  Put the iSem through a Marshall 50 watt 4x12...?  Prepare to see the GODS!!!  We're talking about the inanimate beings here, not the punk biker band from Columbus, on Casablanca Records, back in the mid 70's.

Thanks Arturia, brav-fuckin-Oh!!!  Thanks for all the help in trying to solve this problem, it appears it was ALL on Apple's side from the start.  Did I mention how much I love all that you produce?  Yep.
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