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Author Topic: How to send different midi sequences to different abelton midi tracks ?  (Read 792 times)


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I have 3 midi tracks in abelton corresponding to 3 different instruments. I want to send 3 different sequences from beat step to these 3 MIDI tracks in the SEQ mode simultaneously. I stored these sequences using recall and store buttons such that when I check, I can see correctly that each of the stored sequences is exactly what I want (please see attached pictures of the 3 sequences playing at different times). In abelton I assign explicitly that instrument 1 should take input from channel 1 of arturia, instrument 2 should take input from channel 2 of arturia, and instrument 3 should take input from channel 3 of arturia (please see attached picture). All three tracks are armed. However, only instrument 1 which is assigned to channel 1 plays anything and the rest of the instruments assigned to other channels don't do anything at all. I am pretty sure, I am making some mistake because the stored midi sequences perhaps do not correspond to or have anything to do with the channels. I am sending abelton different channels, but what i want to send them is different sequences.

Could you please tell me how can i send different sequences to different midi tracks in abelton but have them all play simultaneously in SEQ mode. If this is not possible, then how can i store the different sequences in different channels which can then be received by abelton ?

This is the one thing I need from this device to be of any use to me. I am pretty sure I am making some rudimentary mistake.

p.s. - I have the latest firmware and mcc and etc etc. My beatstep works completely normally; I even use it for Djing with traktor. I have made all the correct settings in abelton to recognize beatstep as a pad controller/sequencer. Besides, I have set the sequencer to global in the mcc.


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