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Author Topic: Mini V detunes, starts going flat, in ProTools 12.8.2 during playback  (Read 814 times)


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Hi all. As the subject line says, the Mini V starts detuning in ProTools as an insert. I record a part, play the recording back and it's fine until usually the third time I play it back and then the entire patch starts going flat and gets worse the more times I play the recording back. If I uninsert the Mini V plugin and then reinsert it it's fine for one or two playbacks and then it starts detuning again. Of course the thought of the original model D VCO tuning issues came to mind but I refuse to believe that the Mini V was created to emulate one of the most bothersome problems ever.

I bought a new Moog Model D in 1978 and within about a year started having issues with VCO 2 going out of tune. My background was in electronics so I reasoned that perhaps if I kept the Model D at a constant temperature it would help so I bought a heating pad and put it in the back of the unit. That workaround worked well for several years. So far I've not found a workaround for the Arturia Mini V and am becoming VERY frustrated. The sound of the Mini V is close enough to the real thing for me but if it won't stay in tune it's useless to me. Anyone have any ideas or fixes? Thanks for reading and any help and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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