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Author Topic: dear Arturia, give us a play button as main controler.  (Read 608 times)

Papy ion

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dear Arturia, give us a play button as main controler.
« on: August 27, 2017, 10:03:31 pm »
 :) Greeting Arturiens!

I am proud to announce that I have probably just had the best idea of ​​the world of the year! (in all modesty) 8)

Arturia would make an international hit if the firm developed a big button called "play" or more modestly "synchronizator" or "brute masta" or "excalibur" (just a joke ;D )
that would perform the following functions (advertising instant):

-MIDI play and stop controler (big red mushroom)
-stop also send a message song pos. zero
-master clock with:
        -4 digit LED screen tempo value
        -knob encoder tempo (push for decimal)
        -tap tempo button
-equipped with
        -2 MIDI port (A/B) 5-pin din
        -2 USB MIDI port (in case of 2 DJs with computers) :o
        -3 cv Gate outputs (why only 3, save Penny!)  ;)
-containing in memory its own driver which is immediately recognized  8)
-parametrable with MCC (re  8) ) to control :
        -Behavior of the mushroom button
        -choice of voltage CV
        -Time signature and resolution
        -MIDI DIN, MIDI USB and Virtual MIDI A/B fonctions (In development course for future updates)
-parametrated by default in 4/4 and 1/16 mode to control the startup of drum machines and external hardware sequencer.

I am convinced that this would interest billions of habitants of this planet but not only!  ::)
Moreover, only the development of the software would cost a little penny, considering that the basic idea will be developed by us: the habitants of Arturia  8)
... and also that a folded box with a red mushroom plus a 4 digit LED screen and some audio connection CV and MIDI does not cost much to make!

Thank you for bringing (besides your criticisms on the basic idea!) Any suggestions that could improve this concept)

Thank you for your attention, I want first of all to thank my Mom and my Dad, god of course, google translator, our technical friends without whom we would be nothing! And all those I could have forgotten but who will recognize themselves ... I would also like to add that ...
i love smileys
And now let's get to work!

"Si le problème a une solution, il ne sert à rien de s?inquiéter. Mais s?il n?en a pas, alors s?inquiéter ne change rien."  >quoteman


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