August 09, 2020, 07:20:21 am
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Author Topic: BUG: OSCs as triggers in the sequencer don't seem to work like the manual say..  (Read 664 times)


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What does this words from Modulars manual page 54-55 mean:
"There is also an output generating a trigger signal synchronous with the square signal and with an identical width, which lets us trigger envelopes and sequencer in a cyclic manner. This output is visible only visible at trigger input menu level."

How is it possible to trigger envelopes and sequencer in a cyclic manner? Can we please get an example Arturia?

It does'nt look like the menu OSC triggers can trigger anything in the sequencer even if the OSC triggers is availble in the trigger menu.
No sequencer trigger inputs (Start, Stop, Smoothe, Trig Next or Step) seems react to the OSC triggers. With reference to the above text from the manual, it look like there's bugs with OSC triggering in the sequencer.

The OSC triggers seem to be unstable sometimes when triggering envelopes and i suspect when triggering other things too. But this is - unlike the above - a random issue.


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