October 19, 2017, 04:08:05 am
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Author Topic: There unfortunately seems to be bugs with the Humana Upper Resonator section  (Read 175 times)


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There unfortunately seems to be a bug/ bugs with the Humana Upper Resonator section.
I have tried both standalone application and VST3.

To replicate the bug/ bugs for example try this:

1. Create a sound that only use Humana.
2. Press the lowest key and then hit the highest key while the lowest key is pressed. You'll notice the volume and the sound for the lowest key change. This change will stay for the notes played afterwards. There should not be this change.
Also notice it's like the lowest key is re-triggered when you hit the highest key. There should be no re-trigger.

1. Create a sound that only use Humana and set it to full Sustain length.
2. Hit the highest key shortly and while it's in the sustain length phase hit the lowest key. You'll hear the highest key note is cut off. The high key note in the sustain phase should not be cut off.
3. If you do it the other way around and play the lowest key first, then the note is'nt cut of, but it seems to be because of the high key hit re-trigger the low key. The re-trigger is wrong like in example A.

I have tried with different poly settings and split/ layer settings so the bass section is'nt activated.
When not using Humana the described things seems to work as exspected.

I hope this will be fixed soon. I found out because i should use this, but i can't use it the way i wanted too, as it is.

EDIT: Using the Crescendo perhaps make the described re-triggering of lower keys even more clear.  Perhaps depending on how you play. EDIT END.
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To be clear:
The issues seems to be when using "Humana".
The Resonator Section seems to work with other upper selections like "Violin".

Matt Arturia

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Good find. There is indeed some strange behavior. I'll report this to the DevTeam.




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Hi Matt,

That's great.

I for one report different things to get them fixed or sorted out somehow. Also because i wish the best for and from Arturias applications. I assume you/ Arturia in generel have an eye on the things reported in the forums and get them fixed, also when you don't respond/ confirm. But it's nice to get things confirmed or sorted out somehow.



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