February 05, 2023, 12:14:11 pm
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Author Topic: how to send prog change form Ableton to change midi Chanel ???  (Read 1754 times)

Yossi Mor

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Hi all
im trying to figure out a way to send prog change from ableotn live 10 to key lab 49 to change midi Chanel .
I have a warship session in Ableton with multiple tracks and song in it.
I want to find a way that every time I lunch a scene ( say scene 1, 3 and 6 atc )  it will change the midi Chanel in key lab so I would be able to map multiple midi assigns

I attached an image to try to clarify.
you can see two midi channels
1. Nord stage
2. key lab 49

on the key lab 49 Chanel I have 3 instrument racks and each 1 of them as different patches on it.
I assigned the first slider on the key lab to the volume fader on the Nord stage Chanel and the 2 slider to the keylab 49 Chanel volume fader.
I want them to be permanent as master faders for those instruments
and the other sliders I want Tham to be modular because I don't want to find my self in a way that I runout of sliders so ...
I think you get the point.
I don't want to change the midi channels manually I want to change as I press on the relevant scene.

thank you


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