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Author Topic: First Recording with Microbrute - Extremely happy!!  (Read 3961 times)


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First Recording with Microbrute - Extremely happy!!
« on: June 23, 2016, 04:58:16 am »
I grabbed the Microbrute mainly because I decided after seeing the MatrixBrute NAMM vid, I was going to buy my 1st analog synth.  With that said, It is a big investment for me, and I had heard many comments that the "Brute Sound", is not similar to what we classify as typical "analog synth".  This got me a bit anxious of making such a big purchase based off of an instrument whose sound I wasn't quite familiar with.

I decided that I would grab a Microbrute to get to know that sound. 

Worst case scenario
I don't like it and I return it within 30 days to MoogAudio.

Best case scenario
I end up with an extra Oscillator to hook up to the MatrixBrute ;)

I just spent an intimate evening with it.  It's beyond my expectations.  Yes, it is hard to coax more subtle sounds with it, but I'm thinking that moving the drive to the filters on the matrix brute, rather than have it kick in past the 12oclock position on the waveforms of the micro, will give a lot more headroom and granularity to get our sounds there.

With that said, this thing sounds spectacular.

I'd like to share my noodlings with you, as I dare say that I have brought some sounds out of this thing that I have not heard in other posts.

For the performance, I created a custom ensemble sequencer in Reaktor, which is sending note, gate and cutoff freq. to the microB (everything on the reaktor side is sending info to the mircobrute.  No sound is being created in reaktor).  At the same time, I have a synced, but independant sequence playing on the Mircobrute (you can hear the Reaktor sequence kick in at the 50sec mark).  All of this is being performed by the microbrute, and then the audio output is being sent back into Reaktor, to pass it through a custom delay module.

to be clear, the only effect is the delay in reaktor.  Everything else is the MicroBrute singing it's song.

In the end.... preordered my MatrixBrute this evening :)


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Re: First Recording with Microbrute - Extremely happy!!
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2017, 01:42:37 pm »
Enjoyed this. Had earbuds on at work at found myself composing a rhythm with my feet a little too loudly, lol.


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Re: First Recording with Microbrute - Extremely happy!!
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2017, 01:16:35 am »
I really enjoyed that demonstration of the Maxibrute. Sounds fabulous!
Here is my take on the Microbrute, sampled into Renoise and re-sequenced:

Keep up the analog feeling going! :-)



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