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Author Topic: Pitch Wheel at 0% sends -1="E0 7F 3F" instead of 0="E0 00 40" MIDI pitch bend  (Read 1699 times)


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Sorry to x-post this from another thread, but since the original title of that thread became so unrelated to this, I thought I should make a new thread/topic to reposition the question and maybe see if there's any users with a similar issue:

I noticed that my Pitch Wheel wasn't able to reach the full 12 semitone bending when the Bend Range was set to that. Mod Wheel worked/works perfectly so I thought it was an inevitable factory (hardware) miscalibration, which I honestly learned to live with since I rarely require any -/+12 pitch bending.

Today, while using the MiniBrute as a MIDI controller (since it's now the closest keyboard I have and almost always on) I've noticed that moving the Pitch Bend wheel and then letting it rest at "0", the last value it sent was -1 instead of 0.

The smallest positive value I'm able to send is +4 ("E0 04 40") and resting the Pitch Bend at its default center position always sends -1 ("E0 7F 3F") instead of 0 ("E0 00 40").
Edit: I was able to get +1 and +9 but never 0, while trying to move the wheel up as little as possible.

This made me do some searching which led me to this thread, fortunately :)

I tried the calibration utility
and after a few tries (which is kinda strange. It should work the 1st time, right?) and some turning the MiniBrute OFF/ON I was able to fix the issue I accepted already but I'm grateful it is fixed: Being able to reach +12 semitone when Bend Range is >=12. This was great.

Problem is, it didn't fix the Pitch Bend center not sending "E0 00 40". It's still sending "E0 7F 3F" i.e. -1, out of the range -8192..+8191 i.e. "E0 00 00".."E0 7F 7F" which I just confirmed, MiniBrute is now able to reach.

Since I'm on the subject, I'm not sure if this has something to do with it or if it's an expected behavior:

The Bend Range knob effectively only works between the 5th line marker and the 18th marker (from a total of 19 line markers, the 10th being the center).

From below the 1st marker to the 5th I get a bend of +/-1 semitone and from the 18th upward I get the 12 semitone bending.

Some semitone values happen on 2 markers or between them, like 10th and 11th do the same -/+6 semitone or the 13th sometimes gets the -/+7 or -/+8 depending that its just a bit over that 13th marker, etc.

So, I'm ok with this "weird scaling" since this is an analog "beast" and things can't possibly work 100% like digitally controlled synths, but I was hoping to get the Pitch Bend center to 0 working, since that part of the synth is digital (right?).

Is this something still fixable through the calibration software utility ? :)

Thanks :)
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I have the exact same problem. I can't get 0 with pitch bend resting in the middle. I have tried the calibration software but it didn't work. Did anyone figured out what to do?



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Hello...did anyone ever get a fix for the Pitch Bend ...NOT bending..I may be late to this party but, how can I get this calibration utility?
Thanks for any info.


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