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Author Topic: Spark 2 Plugin (CDM) Display Not Updating Properly [Fixed Itself]  (Read 828 times)


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Well, this is a new one.  ???  >:(
For some reason, when using Spark in plugin mode (with or without my CDM hooked up) and Tempo mode is on, the display ONLY shows the tempo. Turning knobs very briefly flashes the knob settings; and i'm talking microseconds here. This makes the knobs virtually unusable, a you might imagine. PARTICULARLY when using Select + Turning a knob to change which parameter the knob changes. I can no longer see this. Also, when hitting any of the 3 buttons associated with the X/Y pad, I can no longer see which setting I'm on.
What happened?
At first I thought it might be my CDM controller going bonkers. And then I checked WITHOUT the controller hooked up.
It's the software, not the controller.
I imagine the response will be "un-install then re-install."
But seriously. There's been ZERO updates to Spark, and the only change in my system is that I got a Focusrite 2i4 audio interface, and as such am now running with the Focusrite ASIO driver.
To check this, I switched back to the WASAPI driver I was using before, with no issues. ... The problem with the CDM display persisted.

This is very disconcerting. What the heck is going on here?  ??? ::) >:( :( :'( :o :(

UPDATE: I uninstalled and reinstalled Spark 2. This did NOT fix the problem.
This most certainly did not used to happen. It is RIDICULOUSLY annoying, as it makes the display utterly useless when used as a VSTi plugin (at least if I want to tempo-sync it to my DAW. And why WOULDN'T I want to do that. WTF happened?!?! >:(

Win 7 64 Bit
Reaper 5.33
Focusrite Scarlett 2i4
All Arturia software is fully up to date

UPDATE UPDATE: For some unknown and virtually inexplicable reason, this problem has stopped. My only guess is the computer was accidentally  rebooted without proper shutdown.  ???
At least it's working properly again, even tho I don't know why.  ;D 8)
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