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Author Topic: The "Voice Detune" work different for OSC 1+3 than for OSC 2. Look like a bug.  (Read 898 times)


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"Voice detune" don't affect OSC 1 and 3 as i believe it should and as it do with OSC 2.
I wonder why the "Voice Detune" work different for OSC 2 than for OSC 1 and 3. Look like a bug.

If taking a sound set to polyphonic and detuned with "voice detune", then this happens:
1. When using OSC 1 together with  OSV 3 ? result in NO detuning. It's like OSC 1 and 3 together is allways acting like they where synced.
2. But when OSC 2 is active like OSC 1+2, OSC 2+3 and OSC 1+2+3 active, then the result in the exspected detuning.

The manual say this: The “Voice detune” knob lightly detunes each of the polyphonic voices.
I should add that in UNISON then voice detune work for all OSC's.

It's good if the "Voice detune" act or acted like a tune drift. Actually it has such a impact of a kind when OSC 2 is active. It would be good if it did it on All 3 OSC's.
Also it's good it work in polyphonic mode to detune each individual voice sligtly with a sligtyly differnt detuning for each voice that's never the same tuning as any other note and any other OSC. That's would mean 2 OSC's plying the same note would never have the same tuning, unless if SYNC is ON and the synced OSC's is tuned equal.
Of coarse it should work the same way when in Mono mode. That is that when using 2 or 3 OSC's then they will and shall never be tuned equal if the "Voice Detune" is above Zero. In a way the "Voice detune" will be both a "Tuning Drift Amount" and a "OSC tuning safety against being tuned equal" this way.

I thought the TAE technology did introduce some drift like i think this is about. But apparantly it don't.
However one can see that if using OSC 2 in Mono playmode using one voice only, then there still is a Tuning drift like i would exspect when talking analog, but there is no drift if OSC 2 is'nt used. Again why this difference. Look like a bug.

Perhaps a parameter called "TAE Tuning Drift" could be introduced.

I think this may have to do with the issues mentioned in this thread http://forum.arturia.com/index.php?topic=87770.0 too, but i'm not completely sure. Perhaps some of the solutions is to find in this issue too.

It would be nice if Arturia confirmed/ commented this.

Happy New Year.

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