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Author Topic: About waveforms -MINI Vs are reversed from the original.  (Read 699 times)


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About waveforms -MINI Vs are reversed from the original.
« on: October 15, 2016, 01:12:46 am »
Stumbled over this video that show a Minimoog model D Saw waveform are actually a ramp down on osc 1 (and 2) even if the graphics show a ramp up. MINI V have a ramp up, so it's reversed. I know some say i don't give any difference insound. But i have allways been able to hear a difference. And i can hear adiffernce between the Saw ramp up and down in OSC 3. OSC 3 is different as there is both ramp up and down Saws, but no saw/ triangle waveform. So there the graphic show the correct saws.

Also the video show the rectangles are above 50%. MINI V have below 50% as default. Again there is a sound difference.

In MINI V it's possible to set widths of the square waveforms, but not to reverse the saw.

I suggest again the original waveforms to be default, unless other sound more like the original model D.
A way to reverse the waveforms would be fine to add too.

Also the original Triangle, saw/ tri waveform seems to be more round than MINI Vs are.
If it's possible to do in MINI V i would like that.

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